Is Kayaking Good for Weight Loss? (The Complete Guide)

Kayaking is a sport that has many different benefits, including weight loss. It can be an excellent form of exercise for the body and mind while also being fun on its own.

This article will discuss whether kayaking is good for weight loss and how to use it as part of your fitness routine.

Kayakers on a scenic river, it has the added benefit of making you lose weight

Can you lose weight kayaking?

Yes, kayaking is one of the most effective ways to quickly shed those extra pounds, thanks to its high-intensity workout sessions.

When people think of kayaks, they consider it a sport or hobby. However, few people know that kayaking can lead to weight loss.

Recently, people have realized that leisure activities might be great for weight loss too. Lots of sports come to mind: cycling, swimming, or paddleboarding.

Although kayaking might appear to be a leisurely and relaxing activity, there are plenty of health benefits for the body. Can that still make you lose weight without lifting a finger at all?

Kayaking helps you lose weight

For those trying to lose weight, kayaking is a healthy and fun activity. An hour of paddling (about 400 calories) can help you reach your fitness goals.

As mentioned, three hours of kayaking can burn up to 1200 calories which is one of the top exercises for burning more calories than jogging.

You can achieve weight loss through kayaking. Kayaking provides various benefits that include improved fitness, stress relief, and cardiovascular health, to name a few.

Of all the ways to lose weight, kayaking is best because it helps reduce stress and build muscle strength, all while giving you plenty of natural vitamin D.

One of the best ways to lose weight is by exercising. Some forms of exercise, like kayak paddling, for instance, might be more enjoyable than others. If you paddle at a moderate pace for one hour, it would be like burning 400 calories.

It is a piece of excellent news for anyone who has always felt that exercise isn’t worth the effort.

Your body loses weight when you eat less and exercise more

Before researching kayaking and weight loss, you need to know the science behind it.

The body needs calories daily to function properly. Daily caloric requirements can vary but usually falls in the 1800 to 2200 calorie range. To lose weight, you need to eat less food than you want or burn more calories.

When you’re shed those extra pounds, your body will be able to burn stored fat for energy, which is how weight loss comes about.

Suppose you need 2,000 calories to maintain your weight. Your body needs food to stay alive. If you eat less than what you should, then that’s not enough food for your body, and it might not work as well.

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Some days, if you’re too tired from working or walking or biking, don’t worry. Just keep eating the right amount of calories, and your body will be okay again.

On the other hand, if these extra steps are not doing anything for you on those days when they still feel there isn’t enough time to exercise, consider adding 5 minutes more of vigorous workout or 10 minutes less per week.

If you keep up this intensity for a week, your total caloric intake will be much less than needed to maintain your current weight.

An experienced and fit kayaker enjoying the sunset on his ride

Is kayaking a good way to lose weight?

Losing weight is not easy. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work. But it does get easier over time, especially if you are doing something you enjoy. Kayaking, for example, can be both fun and good exercise.

If kayaking was your favorite activity before you started on the diet, then this might be what gets things going again after the first few bumps in the road. But it would be best if you did it right—more on that below.

Kayaking is an excellent way to lose weight. You can change how much energy you use, depending on what suits you best: buoyancy aids like inflatable vests, drysuits, or spray skirts.

You can lose weight by kayaking because it is an intense exercise that burns calories quickly.

Kayaking is an excellent way to stay healthy because it helps you build muscle mass. You can also shape your body with help from the paddle or oar. Kayaking doesn’t put too much stress on any one area of your body, so there are fewer injuries for us. And kayaking will give you exercise for your core muscles, which is excellent.

Losing weight while kayaking will take effort and dedication. If we stay focused, things should go well. Make small goals for yourself instead of big ones from the beginning so that you can achieve them.

It is essential to be mindful of what we eat. We should stop eating unhealthy foods and replace them with healthier alternatives so that kayaking will help us lose weight fast.

Eventually, you don’t need to worry about weight. When you are happy with your body, there is nothing else that will matter. Kayakers are a good group of people who always encourage beginners and teach new skills to experienced ones.

Kayaking is a good activity to do for weight loss

For kayaking to be good exercise, it has to burn calories effectively.

It would be nice to exercise as often as you’d like, but with all the time constraints in our lives, sometimes it can barely spare the time. So, looking for an activity that burns many calories in a short amount of time than kayaking is perfect for you.

While 340 calories burned an hour might not be impressive for someone who weighs 150 pounds, it is astounding considering the other activities they can choose from.

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If you weigh 200 pounds, 453 calories are burned every hour of kayaking – which is more than any other exercise except running and weightlifting.

  • Walking: 224 Calories 
  • Yardwork: 272 Calories
  • Cycling leisurely: 272 calories
  • Weight training: 204 Calories
  • Swimming: 476 calories
  • Jogging: 476 calories

Kayaking is one of the best outdoor activities for exercise, specifically in terms of calorie burn. It provides an aerobic workout and a high-intensity resistance training element too.

Some people might say that kayaking is about losing weight and balancing while paddling on the water. Others may say that it is good for the heart and mind.

A few examples of being active can help you have less fatigued muscles, joint pain, and stress. Kayaking lets you see nature and be in the water. You will also have a healthy mind with an active body.

Paddling can help you lose weight because it is a workout with a slight strain on your body. Doing this kind of sport can also be good for your mind. You will feel better about yourself, and your stress levels will go down.

Jogging is not the best exercise for many people. Not only is there a high risk of injury, but running could be too hard on injured joints and bones.

Kayaking, when done with a healthy amount of intensity, is an excellent exercise for weight loss.

Two fit female students posing in front of a kayak on a sandy beach

What’s more about kayaking for weight loss?

Kayaking is a fun way to be active with your body

Kayaking is a great way to exercise for the upper body since it engages the abdominal muscles and lower back. Apart from building up body strength and increasing flexibility, kayaking can also be an excellent calorie-burning technique as well as a quick way to lose weight.

Kayaking can help with mental health. Nature and exercise are both proven to have a positive impact on our mental health. That is why kayaking could be considered an excellent option for those who want to improve their overall well-being.

Factors that affect how much weight you lose when you paddle

When you kayak, the number of calories you burn depends on how quickly or slowly you go and what kind of route. If you take the scenic route and stop enjoying the sights every few minutes, your calorie burning will be minimal.

Exercise is good for your health. It can reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases. Exercise is not the only way to lose weight. It would help if you worked with an expert who understands your needs. Everyone has different needs depending on their current level of health and fitness.

I have kayaked for about a year, and I lost 50 pounds. It was easy to lose weight on the water because it burns more calories than sitting around or walking.

Kayaking is fun. It is helpful for your muscles, heart, and vitamin D. Kayaking can help with stress management because it’s relaxing.

If you are going kayaking, make sure you can keep up. It would help if you took breaks. Take a break every 60 minutes or so and drink water too.

Lastly, this isn’t just a way to lose weight. It is enjoyable, and it makes people feel better. It lowers stress levels and improves mental health, which makes your heart healthy too.

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How many calories can you burn kayaking?

Generally, four hours of sustained paddling will burn up to 1,600 calories. The number of calories burned in a kayak depends on the weight, time spent, and type of kayak.

The Harvard Health Publications has indicated that a 125-pound kayak can burn 150 calories in half an hour, whereas a heavy-class weight kayak with 200 pounds burns 450 calories in one hour. Similarly, the authors also state that a 175 lb. heavy class weight kayak can burn 397 calories in one hour.

The key to weight loss is not only nutrition and habits, but also getting an extensive workout, like kayaking

Does walking or kayaking burn more calories?

Harvard Health Publications suggests that kayaking burns about the same number of calories as walking at an average pace (4.5 miles per hour) and skateboarding, snorkeling, and softball.

However, kayaking can help with weight loss providing more benefits.

The American Heart Association says that any physical activity is better than no activity, but kayaking can be excellent.

A study in Knoxville found that kayak people regularly have a higher aerobic capacity and lower body fat percentage.

Regularly doing a paddle makes you stronger and makes it easier to do other things. Kayakers tend to eat healthier, which helps them not gain weight.

Here are some easy exercises you can try while preparing for or recovering from a long day on the water. Stretch your legs, arms, and shoulders.

Doing push-ups while you are waiting or when you get home from the beach is a good idea. If you do this, your upper body will be more muscular.

Some people want to lose weight this summer. If you are one of those people, then kayaking can be a good choice for exercising. Kayaking can help your fat and muscle tone.

It is a good idea to stretch when you are on the water. You can do this by leaning over sideways and putting your hands on your knees. Slowly, try to straighten up so that your spine feels stretched as much as possible.

You can also stretch your side muscles by rotating your upper body from side to side 15 times each way. If you have a kayak, push off the side of it with both feet while you paddle for an instant workout.

How many calories do you burn kayaking for 30 minutes?

Harvard Health Publications reports that a 125 lb individual kayaking may burn about 150 calories per 30 minutes (300 calories per hour). The basic principle is more calories are burnt if one pulls weight across the water.


Kayaking is an enjoyable physical activity that can also help you lose weight.

If these benefits sound appealing to you, then consider taking up kayaking as your exercise routine. You may be able to find a local lake or river close by and rent equipment for a few days at the most.

That way, when it’s time to go back home, you’ll have everything needed for future adventures on hand, so there will never be any excuse not to do some kayaking soon.

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